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50 years experience in the manufacture of instantaneous water heaters ensures a
perfected design


ELDUR continuous-flow heaters

Fully electronically controlled
With LCD display
resistor control
Heating by uninsulated wire resistors
Pressure-resistant - excess pressure safety switch
Degree exact keeping of preselected temperature
Enables high flow temperature
Efficiency nearly 100%
Shock resistant industrial casing of plastics, steel or alloy steel
interface for process control on demand

According to the requirements of the user our specially designed models are produced as job-work from thermal shock resistant materials.

Advantage over boilers, storage water heaters and fossil fuel heatings:

• up to 63% energy saving
• lower contamination by spores
• lower space requirement
• lower effort of installation and maintenance

The electronic temperature control guarantees degree exact outlet temperature preselected at the set point device.

After transmission of the completed questionnaire you will get an individual offer.
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Thema: water heating systems [3]deionised water (Thema: water heating systems)

9 – 30 kW
Outlet temperature
up to 75°C

heater (Thema: water heating systems)

Thema: water heating systems [4]solar (Thema: water heating systems)

up to 100 kW
Outlet temperature
up to 100 °C

borosilicate glass (Thema: water heating systems)

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