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continuous-flow heaters (Thema: dialysis treatment)

We manufacture electrical instantaneous water heaters with any desired wattage and for all voltages in accordance with the Eckerfeld-system, dwhich was awarded a gold medal at the World's Fair in Brussels way back in 1958. It was tbe first bare-wire water heater on the world market. This technology is still unrivalled today and is meanwhile used by many competitors.

Formerly our water heaters have been marketed via renowned companies under own trademarks or manufactured under licence.

The history of instantaneous water heaters was revolutionised in 1985. Eckerfeld presented the world's first electronically controlled instantaneous water heater via the Blomberg company.

In recent years, we have specialised in the development and manufacture of special devices for both industrial and medical sectors. Our devices are used by international companies for various applications.dialysis treatment S2

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dialysis traetment
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dailysis treatment
dailysis traetment

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